The Birth of Sondelli Guitars

You know that electrifying moment when you discover something so groundbreaking that it stops you in your tracks?
That’s exactly what happened to me in Japan and  It all started with an antique Kiri wood box.
When life presents you with an object so extraordinary that it flips your worldview upside down, you don’t just sit there; you marvel, you learn, and then you must create something phenomenal.

The Box that Breathes life : A Personal Connection
My introduction to Kiri wood was nothing short of magical.
During a heartwarming visit to my in-laws in Yamagata prefecture, I was given a priceless gift, a Kiri wood box that once belonged to my wife’s grandmother. It had been used to safeguard her treasured teacups.
The moment I touched it, I felt like I was shaking hands with an ethereal force. This was no ordinary wood; it felt like it was breathing—alive! The feeling was so profound that I felt like Grandma Shigeko herself was welcoming me into her family, through that extraordinary box.

On the train ride back to Tokyo, my wife shared with me the palpable energy I felt was no illusion—it was the ‘magic’ of Kiri wood. This mystical wood, historically used in Japan to store valuable heirlooms, art, and even food, beckoned me to explore its secrets.
I found myself researching Kiri wood voraciously on my smartphone, and by the time we approached Tokyo’s retro-futuristic skyline, I was resolute: I had to bring this magic into the realm of music. I envisioned guitars that were not just instruments, but timeless companions, embedded with the soul of this extraordinary wood.

Kiri (Paulownia Tormentosa): A Science-backed Choice for Timeless Instruments

Lightweight Comfort: An Extension of You
Paulownia Tormentosa is a marvel of natural engineering—so lightweight it’s often dubbed the ‘aluminum of timbers.’ Here’s why this is fantastic news for musicians: this lightness is a lifesaver for those long sets or jam sessions. It almost feels like the guitar is a part of you, freeing you from the fatigue that often comes from holding a heavier instrument.

Humidity Control: The Natural Alchemy
In an almost magical stroke of nature, Kiri wood has the innate ability to regulate humidity. It can absorb and release moisture, essentially ‘breathing’ with its environment. What this means for us, as musicians, is an instrument that stays remarkably stable despite the fickleness of the weather. You could be playing at a beach concert or a winter festival; your guitar will remain unaffected.

The Timelessness: Durability That Lasts
Thanks to its alkaline composition rich in tannin and paulonin, Kiri wood is astoundingly resilient against both insects and decay. Your guitar will not only last but also age gracefully, its character deepening with time.Let’s not forget the wood’s inherent fire-resistance. This is a guitar that stands by you, in the most literal sense. A guitar built of Kiri wood is a guitar built to endure, its longevity almost as impressive as its ability to mesmerize with its sound.

An Echo of Tradition
In Japan, a Kiri tree is planted when a baby girl is born, symbolizing growth and future prosperity. When she marries, the tree is crafted into a dresser—a heritage passed down through generations. Remarkably, during our transformative journey in Japan, my wife and I experienced our own echo of this tradition. Unplanned and almost as if guided by a divine sign, we discovered that we were expecting a daughter. This personal connection to the Kiri tree’s significance deepened my resolve to intertwine its legacy with the essence of Sondelli Guitars. We aim to honor this poetic tradition, blending the past, present, and future into each instrument we craft.

Kiri and Ecology
Paulownia Tormentosa is an eco-warrior. Its rapid growth rate and ability to thrive in inhospitable soils make it a frontrunner in environmental remediation. The tree purifies polluted lands, absorbs copious amounts of CO2, and emits a large quantity of oxygen. This ecological footprint makes each Sondelli Guitar an anthem for the Earth.

The Sonic Essence: Resonance Like No Other
For me, the most soul-stirring quality of Kiri wood is its incredible sonic properties. The wood’s unique cellular structure lends it an ethereal resonance. In terms of sonic capabilities, Kiri wood sets a new standard. Imagine the rich warmth of mahogany combined with the bright clarity of maple, culminating in a sound experience that is both vibrant and balanced. This creates an expansive dynamic range accommodating a variety of playing styles.

Whether you’re fingerpicking soft melodies or delivering energetic strums, Kiri responds with exceptional articulation and clarity. The wood’s resonance is not just rich, but also incredibly balanced, which enables a harmonic complexity that is highly sought after by discerning musicians. The sustain is equally impressive, with notes holding out longer and providing more room for phrasing and expression. In practical terms, this means that guitars made from Kiri wood are incredibly versatile. They are well-suited for both studio recording and live performances.  Kiri wood is a game-changer. It transforms each note into a fuller, more vibrant auditory experience, making your music not just heard, but deeply felt.

Your Invitation to a Timeless Experience

When I first felt the soul of Kiri wood in that rustic Japanese home, a vision was born: to craft guitars that encapsulate tradition, beauty, and sustainability. Through Sondelli Guitars, I invite you to be part of this extraordinary symphony—a symphony where each note resonates with the soul of Kiri wood, where each guitar is a living legacy, and where music becomes a catalyst for unity between humans and nature. Welcome to Sondelli Guitars, where the soul of each guitar is as magical as the story that inspired it.

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