PARTHENOPE is an homage to the city of Napoli and the deep-rooted origins of Sondelli Guitars.
Parthenope was one of the Sirens, divine creatures renowned for their enchanting voices that could charm anyone who heard them. Legend has it that Parthenope failed to enchant the hero Odysseus with her song, and in her despair, she threw herself into the sea. She washed ashore on the island of Megaride, and this place later came to be known as the vibrant city of Napoli, Italy. The guitar body boasts a mesmerizing illustration that unravels Napoli’s history through his greek hertiage.

¥298,000 Tax included



Paulownia Body

A truly exceptional wood known for its extraordinary lightness. This unique wood not only contributes to the guitar's lightweight design but also delivers stunning resonance and sustain. The result is a distinctive tonal character that allows you to explore new musical horizons with every strum. Whether you're playing for a few minutes or an extended jam session, our Paulownia body guitars not only sound exceptional but also provide a joyous playing experience.

Roasted Maple Neck

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, our guitar necks are made from carefully selected roasted maple. This choice of wood not only enhances stability but also adds to the guitar's overall aesthetics. For your convenience, we've strategically placed the truss-rod at the body end of the neck, ensuring quick and easy accessibility for adjustments.  To enhance your playing comfort, we've designed a custom neck joint that provides advanced ergonomic support. To top it off, our necks come equipped with stainless steel frets, ensuring durability and longevity. In addition, we've incorporated luminescent side dots into the fretboard. These side dots serve as a practical and stylish feature, illuminating in low-light conditions to guide your way along the fretboard.

Spektratone Pickups

Discover a world of sonic excellence with our custom-designed pickups by Spektratone. These pickups offer outstanding sound quality and versatility. Whether you're seeking the timeless classics or modern reinterpretations, our pickups offer a diverse range of tones. Whether you're looking for the warm tones of a Wide-Range pickup or the edgy sound of a Firebird, our guitars have you covered. With Spektratone pickups, you'll be able to explore a vast tonal palette, allowing your creativity to shine through your music.


When it comes to hardware, we don't compromise. Our guitars feature top-notch components, including Gotoh Locking Tuners. These tuners provide exceptional tuning stability, ensuring that your guitar stays in tune even during the most demanding performances. Whether you're rocking out on stage or recording in the studio, you can rely on our premium hardware to deliver precision and reliability.