Giacomo Pasquali is a a proficient guitarist and sonic expert hailing from Italy who has earned a solid reputation in the music world.
With over 14 years of experience, Giacomo is not your average guitarist; he’s also a session player, producer, and mixing engineer known for his contributions to many successful records. His dedication to perfecting his craft shines through in every note and sound he creates.
Always exploring new horizons and enhancing the sonic experience, in collaboration with F-Audiolabs, he co-developed his very own IR (Impulse Response) reader signature plugin known as Hailstone.

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Paulownia Body and Roasted Maple Neck

Our guitars feature a lightweight Paulownia body that delivers exceptional resonance and sustain, providing a distinctive tonal character for both short and extended playing sessions. The roasted maple neck enhances stability and aesthetics, with a conveniently placed truss-rod at the neck's body end for easy adjustments. The custom neck joint offers ergonomic support, while stainless steel frets ensure durability. Luminescent side dots on the fretboard provide visibility in low-light conditions, ensuring a joyful and comfortable playing experience.

Pickups and Hardware

Our custom-designed Spektratone pickups deliver outstanding sound quality and versatility, offering a wide range of tones from warm to edgy, allowing you to explore a vast tonal palette and express your creativity. Complementing these pickups, our guitars feature premium hardware, including Gotoh Locking Tuners, which provide exceptional tuning stability and ensure precision and reliability for both stage and studio performances.